Over the years, Rayboun Mulligan has succeeded by serving Tallahassee and surrounding communities. Now that Tallahassee has grown; so to have our clients’ goals and dreams. Rayboun Mulligan is looking to grow along with Tallahassee by continuing to serve the needs of its ever-growing practice.

Florida Commercial Litigation

We can help clients with legal contracts and legal forms. Our goal is to help clients understand Florida contract law and help them with breach of contract issues. Whether its business law or employment law, contracts play an important role in Florida.

Florida Real Estate

Whether you are looking to close on your first house or on a big commercial property, Rayboun Mulligan can help with your closing. . We are real estate attorneys and advocate real estate laws on behalf of our clients. As real estate lawyers, we help you evaluate commercial lease, business real estate or a commercial property.

Florida Association Law

Our firm has significant experience with community association law, and has represented large associations with thousands of units, as well as smaller ones, and both condominium and homeowner varieties.  Though every association is different in many respects, we can offers services to each in at least the following areas:

  • Collection/Liens for unpaid or delinquent dues
  • Litigation regarding non-conforming structures, violations of covenant/restrictions or alleged failures to maintain community property
  • Administrative support including legislative updates, meeting support, and amendment of existing governing documents


Florida Contract Law

The contract is one of the most important aspects of commercial law. Our firm handles all types from the service contract to the real estate contract. We also handle any sort of commercial lease agreement, purchase agreement, residential lease agreement, or Florida Rental Agreement. Are you have legal issues with a power of attorney? Our firm can help you out there too.

Florida Litigation

Whether you are a business or an individual, we provide Florida litigation services. Do you need a litigation attorney? We can help provide the civil litigations you need. Let us help you with your business litigation.  We are a one-stop source for all your legal-related business needs, able to provide market analysis and legal representation.